V0.9.5 Release Notification

November-03-2014 17:32:37
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If you are transferring data from another system into Ciiva or have multi-level BOM information contained with your data source, then the recent update to the BOM importer will save you a lot of time.

Instead of having to import BOM data for each product and version one at a time, the importer now allows you to specify the fields (attributes) in the import data source which describe product related information.

You can even specify other product related data to be imported in the attributes section for any standard or custom attributes.

If you leave the product name and version attributes as unspecified (and assuming you have the "Create BOM option selected"), then the importer will simply prompt you to specify a product version during import, at which stage you can use the right-click menu to create new products or versions as required without having to leave the import process (previously you would have had to done this prior to import in the product navigator).

Many non-electronic BOMs also contain entries which don’t have any component designators. Until now, when creating a BOM, specifying the component designator attribute was mandatory. With the latest Ciiva release, it no longer has to be specified and instead a “Not Applicable” entry will be shown where no component designator exists in the import data source.

The document navigator now supports right-click “Save As” and “Copy” options allowing you to easily get files out of Ciiva to attach with an email or store to another location.

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