V0.9.7 Release Notification

May-05-2015 00:00:00
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The latest release of the Ciiva BMMS includes a variety of new enhancements to help increase productivity and usability. The major updates in this release are described below with links to user tutorials.

The automatic base component part number generator feature enables Ciiva to automatically generate a new base component part number when a component library entry is being manually created or an existing one cloned.

The relationship map feature has been improved to enable you to create different filters which can be applied to customise what is shown. This helps when you have complex product and component relationships which may cause the standard map to become very large.

A new feature in the importer enables you to preserve the component library during the import process, which essentially prevents any modifications being made to it. In order to successfully import a BOM with this option enabled, components in the import data source must already exist in the component library, with no differences in attribute values.

When changes have been made to the component library, it may be desirable to propagate these changes to multiple BOMs. This used to be a laborious process if many BOMs need to be updated at the same time, involving opening each BOM and updating them one at a time.

Now, this process is much easier. A new update feature provided as part of the product and versions navigator helps you to propagate changes to multiple BOMs at once. 

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