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Excel BOM Analysis Video

This video shows you how to save hours of time checking your bill of materials for valid part numbers and finding lifecycle, alternative, pricing and availability information. What is still a manual, laborious and error prone process for thousands of companies globally is something that Ciiva help you do in minutes. When the Ciiva BMMS is started, simply select an existing Excel spreadsheet containing your BOM from the file explorer and double click on it. The spreadsheet will be opened in a new window and the contents automatically analysed.

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V0.9.4 Release Notification

We are really happy to announce the release of the next version of Ciiva, with some great new features and enhancements. Simply start the Ciiva Client and the automatic update will take care of the rest. After listening to your feedback, we have introduced a new Excel like interface which will enable you to access the powerful analytics, quotation and order capabilities directly using your Excel BOM.

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