Cloud Based Bill of Materials Software – BOM Management System

Bill of Materials Management System Features


Real-time BOM Pricing and Availability

Get real time pricing and availability data for components in the component library or in a Bill of Materials. All major online distributors supported, compare pricing and even populate shopping carts automatically!


BOM Revision Control and Compare

Every change to a Bill of Materials is historicised. See who changed what, when they changed it, and what it was changed from. Visualise differences between different BOMs and BOMs versions.


Where Used Visualisation across All BOMs

Visualise what components are used on which BOMs with relationship maps. See links between individual Bill of Material versions and all component types. Knowing what component is used on what BOM has never been easier.


Component Comparison

Compare component properties such as part numbers, descriptions, values, tolerances, prices, or even custom fields, directly from within a BOM. Compare current and historical component versions in single click.


Alternative and Substitute Components

Component in a BOM gone end of life? Can’t source the required part? Get instant alternative and substitute suggestions so you don’t have to spend time looking for replacements for your BOM. Automatically add them directly to the BOM.


Instant Component Lifecycle for Entire BOMs

Check the lifecycle status for all components in a BOM in seconds. Lifecycle status indicators show you the components that you need to keep an eye on to make sure your BOM can be sourced and built.


Multi-level BOMs

Complex product BOMs with multiple levels of nested sub-assemblies? Not a problem. Multi-level BOM support ensures that your BOM structure is defined as it should be, without compromise.

Problems with Spreadsheets &
Bill of Materials

The Ciiva Bill of Materials
Management Solution


The Ciiva Bill of Materials Management Solution

For too long, spreadsheets have attempted to be used for Bill of Materials management, and as a result, effective BOM management has been failing. The same problems keep occurring time and time again. BOM management capability with a spreadsheet is incredibly limited, and you can soon find yourself engulfed in a BOM management nightmare.

All of your Bill of Materials are controlled in one centralised database, shared with whoever and whatever needs it. Complete revision control, 100% traceability. No confusion. No wasted time. No wasted money. No incorrectly built products. No late customer delivery. Never again lose control of what is critically important. Welcome to the world of proper BOM management.