Ciiva Powers Altium CircuitMaker Parts Library

June-16-2015 13:21:56
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We are very proud to announce our collaboration with Altium on the latest addition to their product line up. CircuitMaker is a free to use EDA tool targeted at people who want to share and collaborate on their hardware designs.

CircuitMaker is enabling designers to benefit from the results of everyone’s efforts, collectively helping prevent individuals from having to continually re-invent the wheel. Being able to fork from an existing design element such as a component, schematic or PCB saves time and reduces risk through the re-use of community generated, reviewed and rated design elements.

One obvious area where time savings can be made and risks reduced is through sharing of library components. How many times have we had to draw a schematic symbol for a device from the PDF datasheet and create a new footprint for it? How often have we searched around for or even created a 3D model for the part so that we can create an accurate visualisation of our design? How many of us have a made a fatal error during component creation with an incorrect pin assignment or footprint dimension, only to be discovered when the PCB returns from the fabricator for assembly?

The natural integration between the Ciiva component database and the Altium Vault enables CircuitMaker to provide out of the box library support for a huge range of electronic components helping to minimise the risk of errors and saving you time from creating yet more hardware boilerplate. Using a simple text search, you can find a suitable part for your design in seconds, complete with symbol, footprint and 3D model information. Drop it into your schematic and you’re ready to go.

Ciiva’s advanced search capabilities that include contextual awareness of search terms help search strings such as “10uf 0603 ceramic cap”, “9 way d sub” or “PIC16F1824” return components that you can place directly into your design. Access to associated parametric part information, data sheets and application notes are a single click away. Finally, everything you need to choose and use a component in your design, instantly. It really is that simple.

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