Excel BOM Analysis Video

September-23-2014 00:00:00
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This video shows you how to save hours of time checking your bill of materials for valid part numbers and finding lifecycle, alternative, pricing and availability information. What is still a manual, laborious and error prone process for thousands of companies globally is something that Ciiva help you do in minutes.

When the Ciiva BMMS is started, simply select an existing Excel spreadsheet containing your BOM from the file explorer and double click on it. The spreadsheet will be opened in a new window and the contents automatically analysed. The columns containing part number and manufacturer and supplier information will be automatically detected. You can manually configure them using the right click menu should you need to.

With the column mapping complete, simply click on the “Start Analysis” toolbar button. The BOM will then be analysed and all part numbers cross checked with the Ciiva Cloud database to help validate them. Lifecycle information for all matched components will be provided as part of the analysis.

A new analysis window will be created when the analysis is complete showing a hierarchical list of manufacturer and supplier components in the BOM, along with a graphical component match and lifecycle summary. Clicking on a component will show match search results and potential alternatives, where real time and historical pricing, availability, lifecycle, compliance and alternative component information can be viewed.

Create an instant report of the BOM analysis by click on the “Export Analysis” toolbar button to produce a formatted spreadsheet which can be saved in excel, CSV or text file formats.

From the analysis window, you can create a comprehensive quote using the selected top authorised distributors of your choice with real time pricing and availability information. By changing the order quantity multiplier, you can easily evaluate the impact of price breaks on total order volumes.

With the quote complete, simply click on the “Create Order” toolbar button to save the quote data to a new order. From here, you can export the order containing all of the quotation information to a new spreadsheet.

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